SONGWRITER & PRODUCER, currently creating music out of my studio in BERLIN, Germany.


What am i passionate about? I’m passionate about telling stories with music. I love that constant pursuit of inspiration, every project offers a new opportunity to evoke emotion in the listener, the viewer & leave a lasting impression. 

I work closely with an ecclectic & inspiring group of international artists, producers & film maker’s which is the driving force behind my growth and expansion as an artist. 

I chose Berlin to expand in, for a new enriching experience and I absolutely love what it has to offer! When it comes to music, I’m all in every time. I bring this passion and love for music into every single project i work on, no exceptions. 

Although I write well in solitude, I enjoy the raw energy that comes with collaborating with other artists when producing and writing music. I feel this collaborative process is important to the greatest outcome. 

I also enjoy writing & touring with my Indie Pop band 'Pause Applause' which I co founded with my brother. We keep busy touring, writing, creating, we have allot of fun - we are but brothers after all! Official: www.pauseapplause.com

Go check out some of my work here and let’s create greatness together!